We believe that

The Future is Bright

Who we are

We are Engineers, Product managers and Data Scientists who have come together behind a mission to create innovative products and services for the future of work.

Why we exist

We exist to make virtual experiences real so that people anywhere can feel like they are in the same room regardless of the distance between them.

What we do

We use emerging technologies to build personalized virtual experience frameworks for our clients and offer consulting services for the future of work and living.

How we work

We work with clients and brands in Canada and around the world to create solutions that are ethical and suitable. 

The Ownership Economy

We believe that users should earn the majority of the value generated from their individual and collective contributions to the physical and digital world. When users create content, they should be paid when that content adds value to others. They should be able to own and authorize or deny access to the information that they create. See our dTangle, our first product.

Nanuric - The Ownership Economy

Extended Reality

We believe that you do not need to be in the same room with a Person to feel like you’re in the same room. Virtual connections should feel like in-person interaction.

Virtual experiences‚Äč

Building communities through virtual-enabling products to help support people and businesses  to recover from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and bring their businesses online.

Nanuric - The Future is bright

Our values

To provide authentic virtual experience technology solutions and operation manuals ethically, and boldly for a collective impact.

Authentic Experience

In our work and products, we bring in who we are, how we are, and empower our customers to do the same.

Bold moves

Whatever experience you want to create we can make it for you regardless of the distance.

Collective Impact

Together with our solutions partners, every project we work on will create a collective impact.